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Floors designed for life

A floor is what makes a room. It’s the bottom line. The foundation upon which everything and everyone rests. And you can take that quite literally.

A well-designed floor evokes a sense of calm. The warm simplicity of nature. No matter how life wobbles. No matter how the days roar by. With two feet planted on the floor, all that noise dies down to a soft murmur. And moments spent at home become breaths of relief.

Our floors are a blank canvas for a life you get to adorn. A life devoted to small pleasures. Things to cherish. Rest and relaxation. Life in the purest sense of the word. Here, now, and just because.

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A floor must not only be beautifully timeless but also very solid.

Anyone who has ever looked at a tree in amazement knows that nothing is as beautiful – or as unpredictable – as nature. Every tree in the forest is just that little bit different, perfect in its imperfection. And the same applies to the planks in your floor. With love and patience we select the most beautiful trees, determine which part of the trunk to use and choose the right finish.

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Driven by knowledge and expertise

We are always ready to guide customers through the technical details with our knowledge and expertise. We want our passion and expertise to filter through in every interaction. We are passionate about what we do and we only want to deliver the very best. We look for the best solution for every problem and every question.

With Lamett, you have the perfect partner. Not just to answer your technical questions but also to find a solution that suits you down to the ground. After all, isn’t that's what it's all about?


Done well and with pleasure.

At Lamett, success is celebrated and pleasure is shared. A company can never experience a healthy growth if its people are unhappy. So respect, self-development and positivity are vitally important. We are passionate about what we do, and you will notice that as a customer. We have an answer to every question, and our passion – as well as our optimism – is tangible in every interaction. We prefer to work with suppliers and partners who share the same positive attitude. Our associates are all companies that treat their people with respect and humanity.

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