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Working at Lamett

Lamett always puts people first. Human well-being is our biggest driver. And that’s reflected in everything we do. Internally, Lamett tries to create a group dynamic in which successes are shared and the focus is on a pleasant working environment.

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About Lamett

We are people persons. We rely on our machines every day. To fell trees. To sand wood. To create floors. We like to do things right, and that starts with the best equipment. Yet it is not machines but people who make things run at Lamett. We design parquet floors on which everyday life can unfold in peace. Where people can enjoy the small pleasures and tender moments that make life what it is. Close to the wood, close to the skin.


Done well and with pleasure

  • Positive thinking
    We see opportunities and solutions where others see problems. Because we are optimists. That certainly doesn’t mean that we lose sight of reality, but it does mean that we want to tackle it in a positive way.

  • Commitment
    We are all committed people who are proud of our work. We are a motivated club of doers who go to work full of enthusiasm every day. We never deliver half-finished work.

  • Team spirit
    Together we can do more. We support our colleagues, and we all work towards the same goal. We like to encourage each other and leave enough space for constructive criticism.

  • Respect
    We like to treat each other with respect. We always treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves: with mutual respect and empathy.

  • Personal growth
    To stand still is to go backwards. We all understand that. That's why we want to grow together. As a company, but also as individuals. We provide space for each other's growth and give our employees every chance to develop further.

Some of your new colleagues

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