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What questions do you have about parquet maintenance?

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How can I keep parquet beautiful for as long as possible?

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How to maintain an oiled wooden floor?

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How do you maintain a lacquered parquet?

Maintenance certainly doesn’t have to stop you from choosing parquet. Maintaining a wood floor is much easier than you might think. Of course, your parquet floor will acquire a unique patina over time, but that just makes the natural product more beautiful. For daily maintenance, you can wipe your parquet with a soft brush. If you prefer to vacuum, always fold down the brush. Then you avoid scratches.

Furthermore, we set out three golden rules:

  • Never apply water excessively on your parquet.

  • Mop your parquet with lukewarm water and a classic floor cloth or mop.

  • Stick to the correct dosages of your maintenance products.

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Do you have an oiled parquet? Then never use pure water to clean your floor, but add a nourishing maintenance product, such as the Woca Natural Soap. Once a year, you can use a nourishing conditioner to keep your floor extra protected. Preferably do this just before winter. The better your floor is nourished, the more resistant it is to stains and dryness.

Do you have a lacquered parquet? Keep the floor clean with a special cleaning agent for lacquered floors such as the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Once a year, you can restore the lacquer layer of your parquet with a good polish such as the Bona Wood Floor Polish.

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Ideal humidity level

Wood is a natural product. Although the trees in the forest can easily withstand the rain, the boards are more sensitive when it comes to humidity. Your parquet will expand and contract over the seasons, but your floor will be the happiest with a relative air humidity level of between 40% and 55%.

How do you maintain that air humidity level? Good ventilation goes a long way. If your air is too dry, a humidifier can help.


Watch out for scratches

Over time, your parquet floor will develop a unique patina that tells your life story. Small scratches and blemishes can often be repaired quickly. But, of course, prevention is always better than cure. These tips will help you enjoy a floor that stays beautiful for a lifetime:

  • Attach felt pads under the legs of your table and chairs.

  • Do you want to move a piece of furniture? Then lift it. Dragging is bad for both your parquet and your furniture.

  • Don’t drop objects with a sharp point on your floor.

  • When you vacuum, always make sure that you fold out the brush on the suction nozzle.

  • Treat your floor with the recommended maintenance products.

Still got a scratch in your parquet? Consult our first aid service!


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