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How can I keep parquet beautiful for as long as possible?

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10 hints for optimal care

1. Clean the floor regularly with a vacuum cleaner or soft broom; particles of dirt and grit that are left behind can damage the surface of the floor.

2. Place doormats at exterior doors.

3. Place beige, felt floor protectors under chair and table legs; do not used coloured floor protectors!

4. Avoid wearing damaged or worn stiletto heels.

5. Place a protective mat under chairs with wheels.

6. Remove stains immediately with a well-wrung cloth. Worn-in stains are difficult to remove.

7. Never use too much water when mopping; instead use a well-wrung floor cloth. Never clean the floor with pure water; always use a product for the maintenance of an oiled parquet. Do not use traditional cleaning products. Microfibre cloths can damage your floor over time.

8. Place a protective dish under flowerpots. Do not place your buckets directly on the floor, but on a dry mop.

9. Do not drag heavy objects across the floor; lift them up to avoid scratches.

10. Be careful with open windows - a rain shower can damage the floor.

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